WordPress vs Squarespace vs Shopify vs Kajabi comparison.

If you’re struggling 😤 to decide what website platform💻 to use and which one is the best decision 🥇 for you and your business you need to watch this video! 🥰 I go over WordPress vs Squarespace vs Shopify vs Kajabi, so you can confidently start building your website! Get your website questions answered by a Web Designer during the live! Drop your questions below 👇 in the comments and I will do my best to answer them! My name is Taylor Lewis 🧜‍♀️ and I help entrepreneurs like you design their websites and bring their ideas and unique personalities to the digital life. Get your free website planner with a checklist by clicking the below 👇 link now!

Website Planner

Book of the week: When Coffee and Kale Compete

Song In My Head: Taylor Swift- You need to calm down​

Page Builder Recommendation: Elementor Pro

Theme Recommendation: Astra

Hosting Recommendation: Bluehost

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