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Design Membership for Creative E-commerce Businesses

You don’t have to settle for generic templates and creating marketing assets that take ages. Join my design membership and you’ll get all the marketing templates you need to successfully market your business online, with none of the hassles.

To Attract Customers And Build A Blooming Brand, You Must Have Marketing Assets That Kick Butt

But it’s proven to be easier said than done:

You’re not alone. This is where most eCommerce owners gave up and just went with generic, free templates that everyone else is using. But you don’t have to. I’m here to help. I create on-brand, high converting, professionally designed templates that include copywriting from a professional writer for all your marketing assets. They will help you set your business apart from the competition and leave lasting positive impressions on your target customers.

I’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

I Provide All The Templates To Enchant Your Brand, Without Breaking The Bank

Canva Templates ​

Gain access to Canva templates that you can easily add to your account.  Each one is ready to be customized to your heart’s delight. And yes, a copywriter wrote the copy on your sales templates! ❤

Website Templates

Save your time and money building your website landing pages and more. Simply import these Elementor templates and customize them in just a few simple clicks.

For WordPress and the Elementor Page Builder​

etsy shop vs own website

Branding Templates

Built With Canva​

Branding can be tricky and time-consuming. So I thought Id make it a bit easier for you by providing these tools:

…And Every Month, You Get New Template Packs

(Sounds Good, Right?)

When you join Templates To Success, you’ll never be stuck with the same template options. I’m continuously sprouting more dazzling-looking templates for my members. And the copywriter I partner with is adding more magical copy to them! Every month, you’ll get 3 new templates of any of the marketing assets listed above.

That way, you’ll never run out of ideas. And you can keep your audience engaged with your brand by keeping your marketing assets looking breathtaking.

With Beautifully Designed Marketing Assets, Go From Forgettable In A Forest Of Marketing…

To The Biggest Dang Tree In Your Niche

Whether it’s a Pinterest Pins, marketing and sales emails, or your lead magnets, if it’s delivered to your audience with an aesthetically pleasing design and amazing copy, it can transform your business results. Why? Simple: perception influences emotion, emotion influences action, and action taken by customers influence your business results. This is especially true for creative or handmade eCommerce businesses, where customers are mostly emotional buyers who are attracted to appealing visual assets. Gorgeous pictures, stunning Instagram posts—any marketing asset that’s aesthetically pleasing is like a magnet that attracts potential customers to your business.

Now, by joining Templates To Success, you can have stunning design and copy across all your marketing assets—from email to lead magnets, from invoices to a thank you cards. And you can do that even without wasting hours tinkering with Photoshop or Figma… and without spending a lot of money hiring freelance designers.

Once You Fix Your Graphic Design Bottleneck, Don’t You Think Your

Business Can Grow Faster Than Ever Before?

Let’s be honest, unless you already have in-house graphic designers and copywriters, you’re spending most of your time designing and writing for your marketing assets or not doing them at all. You probably don’t enjoy this process. 

If it takes days or weeks (even months 🙈)  to create a simple promotional email for a new product or design the perfect color palettes for your website… then graphic design is getting in a way of your business growth. This is time you could actually be marketing or making a new product! Not just designing and writing the material to market!


Wouldn’t that be great?

Just imagine how much easier your life would be, and how much faster your business can flourish. That’s what I aim to do for you. Whether you’re just starting out or you want to increase your impact by building a more blooming brand, we’ve got you covered.

All The Templates Are Designed Specifically

For Creative eCommerce Businesses

That means if you own a creative eCommerce business, you can use the templates out of the box. No further customization is required except for changing the copy,  color,  and font to make it look aligned with your brand.

More importantly, these are designed based on marketing designs that work in the creative eCommerce industry. So you can expect to get better results than using generic templates that are made for all businesses in general. 

Join Today And Claim This Special Bonus:

Launch a website that can take your business results from ‘eh, doing okay’ to ‘holy wow’ using our proven website framework. By simply following the framework, you’ll build a website that supports your success over the long term. The framework is so valuable and works great in the creative eCommerce niche, we originally planned to offer this at $597 on its own.

But if you join Templates To Success during the launch period, you can get it for free—it’ll be waiting in your courses dashboard when you log in for the first time.

Which Templates To Success Plan Is Right For You?

Quarterly: $60

(Most Popular)

Yearly: $220*

*Get 1 month free with a yearly membership


Support is my middle name. Don’t see yours listed? Shoot me an email at support@taylordlewis.com!

All the templates are built with Canva!

Canva is the most magical design platform out there and if you don’t have it yet you need it! It’s a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. 

They have a free and paid version. I find that I love all the extra’s that Canva offers in their paid version and highly recommend it! If you choose to go that route, I would appreciate it if you used my affiliate link

With my and Canva’s tutorials and easy to adjust templates you will be all set! All the odd tech stuff was already done for you!

You can always reach out to me at support@taylordlewis.com


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