6 Trust-Building Website Design Features That Your Customers Want

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A good web design set a significant goal to spread awareness about the brand or sell the products. People spend a lot of time on websites and social media platforms, but now they are becoming pickier about the digital market’s impression on the users. So, companies that are looking for new web designs should keenly observe the user’s likings. Website design features can create a vital difference between changeover or off-track prospects.

However, the main priority must be accessible navigation features and visual content on the websites. A website layout shows what your brand is precisely about and its optimal experience. Develop some interest in the functionality that can grasp visitor’s attention. We have researched and narrowed down the trustworthy website design features that will give an optimistic pitch to your website. Following are the web design aspects that people look out for, usually in any of the sites.


website design features

1. Quality Website Content


Most companies neglect the factor of arranging and presenting the data on their websites. Generally, customers access the content information of brands through the websites. However, companies are struggling hard to provide full details to attract the audience. Try to present the data according to divisions and categories so that it is easy for users to find any information quickly. There should be balanced data, neither too less nor too extra.

The critical point is to put relevant content on the site so that the audience remains stick to it because irrelevant content will drive out 50% of the visitors from your website. Error-free and precise information proves the company’s authority and professionalism. Advertisements interrupt the website content, so let it be straightforward and hassle-free without complex design.


website design features

2. Uncomplicated Navigation


The users tend to look for effective navigation sites that work smoothly on all browsers and networks. Try to minimize the menu items as possible to clutter-free navigation networking. Incorporate sub-navigation in the website that helps in working efficiently on large networking sites with many pages. Easy navigation offers fast speed and browsing on the website. People prefer websites that have detailed menu bars, which helps them what they are looking for.

By making the menu bar prominent and darkening the rest of the screen, visitors stay focused on their research. A well-designed website is easy to navigate and explore the site despite excessive content. So, it is best to prioritize functionality and navigation systems for the consumers while designing a website. Amazon has the best navigation system despite its massive content.


3. Instinctive and Modern Design Layout


Revolutionized and trendy web designs attract people in this era. Customers look forward to updated designs that do not interfere with the functionality of the site. Beautiful and attractive design strengthens the website and makes a good reputation for your company.

Mainly, there are three most popular designs that UX applies on the website:

Flat designs lack gradient, shadow, and texture; hence they are two-dimensional. But flat outline incorporates bright colors to draw the visitor’s attention.

Skeuomorphic design is the representation of interface objects that mimic real counterparts.

Rich designs are three-dimensional that make the elements natural and sustainable. The designer uses contrasts, textures, and gradients in them. However, flat designs are preferred on the website to improve the business because they won’t interfere with the primary content.


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4. Visual and Written Information


91% of people told in a survey that the visual and written content significantly contributes to visitors’ attention. Companies should make a template and written description in an organized manner to show their identity.

Usually, the negative white space helps the website to show the visual and written data efficiently. However, there could be a pleasing contrast of background and written layout, i.e., black typography on a white display increases the readability of content.

The website should include body image or header image to provide visuals. The layout of the website is easily determined by using fine quality and maximum size of images. Any visual is recommended, for example, templates or video clips than plain text. Put the visual and written content in some sequence to avoid any mess.


website design features


5. Website Blog Posts


Half of the website’s consumers prefer reading company blogs, while the rest prefer visual products and descriptions. It is observed that people don’t read every word. However, they thoroughly go through the written data with the help of keywords that determine if it’s relevant or not. Break the plain text format with headings, sub-headings, bullets, and paragraphs to make it enjoyable.

People use standard social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to outsource information related to the website. In contrast, social media come to light with the help and guidance of company blogs. The website uses platforms like Medium to reach a good audience because it has significant traffic. Blog posts must be well researched that provides specific and relevant content of the business. Moreover, SEO is vital to help your site rank on the first page of google.


website design features

6. Social Media Links


Nowadays, websites use an indirect way to connect with people through social media handles. The platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have many audiences, so these networks make the website user-friendly. It is essential to increase the following on these networks to reach more people and advertise their business.

Some users read the information from social media rather than going to the website to seek some help. The companies provide the same information as ‘About Us’ on social accounts too. The content on social media platforms should be updated and helpful as the main website does have. Customize the icons of social media accounts according to the brand, which will quickly discover a company on social media.


Conclusion of Website Design Features


Don’t ever compromise on the website’s quality because it plays a significant role in increasing the business. At the same time, people perceive all the data and information about the company through it. Website design features help to develop trust between the company and consumers. If your website doesn’t convey confidence to the audience, they will move on to others because there are many competitors. Include these website design features that customers always look upon and grab their attention.


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