5 Reasons Back-and-Forth Inquiries Keep Happening on Your Website

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You’ve put countless hours into building your dream site. Finally, the pieces are all in place, and it’s an excellent work of art. You’ve discovered the right keywords, identified your target audience, and even created PPC campaigns to drive traffic. It appears that your website has some decent traffic as well, but there are also back-and-forth inquiries constantly taking place.

It’s kind of like unrequited love. Although you love them, they just aren’t buying what you’re offering. It’s imperative to step back and evaluate the situation objectively to get to the bottom of it. The fixes sometimes aren’t easy, even if you’ve put in a lot of effort. But if results are truly important, you must make adjustments. Here are five of the biggest issues we see with sites that receive back-and-forth inquiries.


1. Your content isn’t relevant

A large part of your content is probably centered on certain keywords. There is nothing wrong with that. You can attract a lot of organic traffic with it. However, it is a problem that sites targeting certain keywords often include keywords without supporting content.

This is a major problem. Always make sure that the content you create corresponds to your keywords and your services. Frequently, inquiries come from visitors who cannot understand or locate what they seek.

It is necessary to optimize your content for certain keywords if you intend to target certain audiences. You must understand the intent of your users and why they are visiting your website. Sending visitors to your homepage and expecting them to figure out the rest is not enough.

2. Your site is hard to read

It wouldn’t do you any good to have a stunning website but a poor user experience. In this area, you would learn from the pros. The layout and design are very important to provide users with a great experience.

A fantastic user experience is what you must provide, regardless of how they get to your site. They don’t want the design or navigation to be too crowded, making it difficult to select or click on features.

Keeping the design of your website simple will ensure that your users can easily find what they want. If you don’t, you’re likely to receive lots of inquiries about navigation problems. In worst cases, you might lose visitors as well.


3. Your offers aren’t relevant or expired

Crafting an intriguing proposal is one thing, but is it also relevant for your audience? Is it being displayed until it is validated? If visitors are asking questions, it is likely they are not connecting with the offer that you are pitching.

You might be showing your audiences the wrong offers. Either they are unclear and incomprehensible, or they have expired and are no longer valid. This means that inquiries about offers on your website are about to arrive.

The call-to-action on high-converting landing pages makes it clear to the visitor what his next step should be and what he can expect from following it. A split test may also be useful to determine what resonates with your target audience.

4. Your product’s benefits are unclear

If you do not state your product or service features on your website, you will not convince your customers to move further down the sales funnel. Visitors who are confused will not buy your service and leave. However, if they are still interested, they may contact you for more details.

If you want to make sure your visitors are given correct information and you don’t get back-and-forth inquiries, make sure you clearly state the purpose and use of your product. In addition to boosting your sales, this will also boost your reputation.


5. Your site lacks personality

You need a brand personality for your website and your marketing campaigns. For brands to generate strong consumer relationships, they must consistently express themselves.

Even though the personality traits of businesses vary, simply having a strong personality is crucial for their success. Conversely, if your website lacks personality, it will be more likely that visitors will ask about you.


Conclusion of Back-and-Forth

People will inevitably contact you for a variety of reasons and when you are tired of sending emails back-and-forth these five tips can definitely help! If many people are asking about one particular thing, you should probably do a little more homework.

Check the value of your site first. Make sure the content is compelling and the navigation is simple. Then, make sure your site is mobile-friendly, too. There can be no doubt that this is important.

After that, pay attention to the smaller details, such as site design and loading speed. Design it to be fast, beautiful, and functional. At Designs By MOT, we take hours and hours designing a single page to get the end result you are looking for as quickly as possible! Take a look at our free Website Planner here!

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