How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

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How to promote YouTube videos? How to get fast YouTube subscribers? These kinds of questions are running in every YouTuber’s mind. Many are trying to promote their YouTube channel. But not everyone knows how to do it right. First, you need to take care of the channel design and high-quality videos. There is no universal example for creating a video; everyone shoots the way they like. But promotion on YouTube for money or for free can happen in different ways. We here will be guiding you with some free and paid methods you can use to promote your YouTube channel.

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Youtube channel promotion; free methods

Not everyone wants to order a paid YouTube promotion. Some may not have any extra money at all; others are interested in figuring out everything and doing everything on their own. But do not forget that free methods sometimes take a lot of time. Those who are willing to spend it can use:

1. Video optimization

For the videos to be better found by search engines and internal search of Youtube itself, they must be correctly formatted. Let’s start with the title of the post. It should be informative, understandable, and contain vital queries – tags. The same is with the description of the video. It also needs to include meta information.

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But don’t go overboard with keywords. If you stuff too many tags into the description, your video will not be included in the lists of similar YouTube videos. And this is very important: very often, users stumble upon entry when viewing similar ones inside YT. Put the same keywords in all posts – and only your videos will look like videos.

2. Call to action

Even top bloggers do not hesitate to ask viewers to like and subscribe to the channel. And also report about their other sites and accounts in social networks.

how to get fast youtube subscribers

True, it is essential to motivate a person here. Not just “Subscribe to our channel,” but “Subscribe, press your heart and be the first to know the latest information about discounts, sales, and special offers.”

3. Tell about the channel on your other resources

Most people search for a query “YouTube channel promotion free sites.” So here is the answer to your question. Links to your Youtube should be everywhere: on the official website, groups in social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, and Instagram – wherever possible.

promote your youtube channel

If you have not one, but several channels on Youtube, link to each other. Also, on all the listed sites, you need to publish videos from the channel on Youtube. Again, with a call to action and lures of the format: “You can watch even more useful videos on topics of your interest on our Youtube channel.”

4. Exchange links with other vloggers

Contact vloggers in your weight class with these suggestions. The number of subscribers and the target audience of the channels should be approximately the same. In this case, you will not be denied – no one will neglect free PR.

Boost views, subscribers and likes; an unfair method

Let’s say a user created a channel, added a few videos, and that’s it. No views, no subscribers. But do not be upset, because the channel is new, no one knows about it yet. To even slightly move the counter from a dead place, you can use a wrap. Usually, it is fast and not so expensive, but long-awaited subscribers, views, and likes appear. It should be noted that this method cannot be called fair, so you need to use it carefully. You can find some popular services on the internet to help you with this method (cheating).

Youtube channel promotion; paid methods

An expensive, but quite effective way to promote your youtube channel is advertising. Cheating allows you to increase the views counter, but 99% of viewers will never remember the channel again. They just get paid for their work. But people click on advertisements themselves because they are interested in the topic. They can not only like or write a comment at will but also become regular viewers. Many sites allow you to order advertising. Yet you have to be careful here too, as wrong actions will lead to a waste of money. For example, if the channel is about fishing, and the advertisement tells about the passage of a game, you will hardly find target visitors. There are many ways to search for subscribers using ads.

1. Buying Google AdWords ads

promote your youtube channel

There are as many as three formats here. A Screensaver that the user is forced to watch to the end (usually lasts no more than 6 seconds). Some videos are inserted before, during, or after watching the main video (this format is called In-Stream). The third option is a text ad shown on the side (called a Featured Video).

2. Review of a channel in another video

This is also an advertisement. Famous authors talk about the channel, ask to go to it, subscribe, and so on. But not every author will undertake to promote other people’s videos if they go against his own.

3. Contextual ads

One of the types of YouTube paid promotions. Only the highest-quality clicks are paid for, so you can be sure that the target audience will watch the video.

4. Promotion in groups of social networks

There’s a lot of people here who are happy to watch exciting videos. Therefore, transitions to YouTube are prevalent. But the theme, again, must match perfectly.

About cost

Of course, it is better for successful YouTube promotion to use several methods simultaneously, but not everyone has such an opportunity. The simplest ads cost about 1+ dollars. But if you order advertising from famous authors to say a few words about the channel in the video itself, this can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is impossible to accurately answer how much it costs to promote a YouTube channel. It all depends on the topic, the method of promotion, and many other factors.

What to choose: free or paid promotion

Proponents of free methods say that it is not worth spending money, but it is better to be responsible for creating videos. Sometimes, this is the right move, but even good channels often cannot get through the competitor’s crowd. Then paid methods come to the rescue. And the better the service, the faster it will be to reach the top. In any case, you need to upload only high-quality videos, optimize the channel, and entertain the viewer. And then any methods will bring results.

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