How To Find a Wholesaler/Products For Your Online Store

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Running an online store holds many advantages, however most new business owners find it difficult because of start-up costs associated with purchasing inventory. If you’re running your online store from home, you probably don’t want to clutter up your house with products that may not sell for months, however, you also would want the best price for your products. Today we will learn how to find a wholesaler for your online store.

Sourcing for products online, you need to invest and take required time and effort into deciding on the best products to sell online and how to source those products. Without an idea on where to source the supplies it can be difficult to establish the funds needed to invest in merchandise and the potential profit possible from the products you wish to trade in. Sourcing a trusted partner is certain to be one of the most crucial steps to get right in sourcing for your products online.

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How To Get Discount Prices

 In the real world, most goods are not sold to the customers directly from the manufacturers. They are shipped to people called wholesalers who then forward it to various retailers. If you are thinking of selling products through an online store it is essential to source your products through legitimate and reliable wholesale suppliers. Contacting suppliers on your own, establishing relationships, and doing your own due diligence on each supplier is a very time-consuming process. Many suppliers you contact will not be prepared to drop ship products on your behalf and will insist on large minimum order quantities before doing business.

In order to get access to legitimate wholesalers, it is often a necessity to officially register the business. It helps to have a registered business name and related tax information when it comes to making contact with the distributors and wholesalers since the reputable companies with only deal with you once this information is provided

The ability to trade with the different wholesalers often depends on the volume of products that you are planning to purchase. Many of the wholesalers are likely to require a certain quantity of products purchased to make the transaction worth their time and effort. It might be necessary to shop around the different wholesalers to find those offering a minimum order value that is easily within your reach. This is likely to be necessary in the early stages of setting up the business when funds are more limited.

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Overview of Drop-Shipping

There are many websites that offer this service as wholesalers. Many of them have huge sources of inventory which they use to market their products. The term used by most online marketers for this kind of business is “Drop-shipping”. This means that the inventory never passes through your hands. Your job is to only promote the product from your website/e-commerce store. The responsibility is that of the “wholesaler” to make sure that it reaches the hands of the customer who bought it from “your online store”.  With drop shipping you can provide your customers with a bigger selection of items to choose from without the worry of keeping it stocked yourself. If some items don’t sell well, you can remove them from your store without any worry and without loss of income

A further option to get in contact with the genuine distributors is to visit the trade shows intended for retail and business operations, which restrict access to the general public. Elsewhere, it can benefit to visit some of the craft markets in the hope of meeting the niche or smaller manufacturers who might be interested in working with you as a partner. When learning how to find a wholesaler a great tip to getting great prices on your products is to actually visit the manufacturer if you are looking for ones in the united states. I would go to the actual location and meet the key players and build a relationship.

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How To Find a Wholesaler

Whether you are planning to sell a product on eBay or start an online merchandise business through a website, learning how to find a wholesaler is one of the first steps in setting up your online store. The main problem in purchasing products for your business is making sure that your products come from honest and reputable suppliers. You don’t want suppliers to steal your bad products or have bad service.

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SaleHoo solves this problem by providing an online directory of thousands of products from select wholesale suppliers, including shredders, light wholesalers, manufacturers, and liquidators. There are suppliers of top brand products like Nike, Prada, Lacoste, Panasonic, D&G, Apple, Sony Gucchi and many more. If you want to develop a profitable and sustainable business, you must buy your products from different suppliers, using different sourcing methods. SaleHoo offers it all in one directory, giving you access to more than 8,000 product suppliers in the US, UK, China, Canada, Australia, and France.

how to find a wholesaler


Also, Doba is a drop shipping service that acts as a single point of contact for all your express shipping needs. Over two hundred dropshippers are listed in the Doba directory, giving you access to over a million products for sale online. When you order products, you do so directly through Doba and not with each individual seller. Doba preconfigures each vendor and manages relationships with them. Doba gives you access to hundreds of pre-built legitimate wholesale suppliers and over a million products that you can start selling right away.

how to find a wholesaler


Alibaba is a platform that allows you to search for manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers all in once place! It’s kind of like Amazon, but for bulk orders and you get a massive discount because you are buying in bulk and getting prices directly from the manufacturer! When using the platform make sure to check for reviews and ratings just as you would on Amazon. Most of the products come from china,, so you will have to deal with customs and importing to the United States. Even with all of that it is still the most often used choice when it comes to sourcing products!

If searching one of the most convenient options of selling a range of stock or limited in relation to buying the stock outright, it might help to look at the possible choices that come with drop shipping. It is possible to start-up an e-commerce store much easier with a reliable drop shipping service since it isn’t necessary to stock and ship the merchandise to the customer. All that is necessary is to create a well present storefront and fill it will the products offered by the drop shipper, and start the process of marketing the merchandise. Now that you know how to find wholesaler, get out there, and get buying!

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