How To Create A Lead Generating Website With Amazing Automation

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Some websites exist purely to generate leads and that type of website is called a lead generating website. In years gone by, your adverts may have directed people to call a telephone number to get a pre-recorded message, which, in turn, led to them offering you their contact details. Lead-generating websites have almost replaced that option – but how should you create one?

Lead generation websites are very different from regular ones.  Often their sole objective is to get potential customers to offer up their contact details.  So this style of website is often brasher than most of the other sites you come across. Underneath the skin, they are still HTML and images, held together with some CSS styling. But the whole aim of the site is very different from a corporate brochure style site. Below are the things that you should consider while creating a lead-generating website with great automation.


lead generating website

Consider using a pop-up


Depending on your target audience, pop-ups can still work. Even if all your market research says that everyone on the planet instinctively clicks the X to close them the instant they appear on the screen. The only way to find that out is to test the sign-ups and inquiries that you get. Even getting one email a day from the pop-up is better than zero a day!  If you use the Elementor Page Builder to build your website, without needing coding experience, they offer pop-up templates that can connect to your email provider! If you are using Mailchimp for your emails, you can use their pop-up generator and connect it directly to your website!


lead generating website

Think about using an auto-playing video


Yes, they’re brash, and they can be annoying, especially if you can’t quickly find where to stop them playing. But the fact is, these videos do the work. There are different types of videos that you can use on a lead generation site. Using a video when done right is a great way to grab your reader’s/viewer’s attention. Especially because they probably were not expecting a video to start playing as soon as the website loads. The most common are:

  • YouTube-style videos, which are usually embedded in the page
  • Talking person style videos that are designed to be like a television presenter talking to you, welcoming you to the site, and helping you to use it

Again, testing is the exclusive way to tell whether or not these are worth including when you create your lead generation website or whether they alienate your potential customers. It all depends on your market, ideal target demographic, and the quality of the content in the video.


lead generating website


Decide how much information you need before the first click


A lot of websites make the lead generation sign-up two-step. That doesn’t mean that step one is to fill out your details, and step two is to click the confirmation link. It means that the bare minimum information is collected before the first button is clicked, often just the email address. Then the “thank you” screen asks for more information such as name and other details.

That can work very well if your email conversion process is designed to cope with some people only giving up their email address and having more detail on other people, which is easy enough to manage within almost any modern autoresponder program. The more information you request from people the harder it will be to convert them to a lead when automating this process. This is something you should keep in mind while building your lead-generating form!


Analyze if a long video works


Some lead generation sites are designed to actually weed out what the car industry would call tire kickers. One way of doing that is to show a long video – often lasting several minutes or more before anything else appears on the page. There are scripts available that will allow this to happen as well as scripts that will automatically pause the video if the visitor moves away from the page for whatever reason but doesn’t close the tab. This is a recommended step only when you have flushed out your business idea and have proof of concept. If you are just starting your business and still figuring out your offer, we do not recommend this strategy.


lead generating website

See if an exit page helps


Exit pages are the ones that show up when people try to leave your page, often after a dialog box pops up telling people to click a button to stay on the page and get an extra discount. These have been used in competitive areas such as internet marketing for a long time and are still in use, suggesting that they’re at least worth considering. Even if you personally hate them, they do the work they are used for. If you go down that route, test having more than one exit page. Although whether you should aim to beat the record of 5, the most I’ve been subjected to, is another matter entirely.

You don’t always have to provide discounts as your way to get them to stay on the page. Maybe you have a freebie you can offer them or a free consultation call. It can be anything that the potential customer will see as valuable. The Elementor Page Builder also allows you to build exit pop-up pages quickly and easily!


Build an Automated Email Sequence


Once you have gather emails you want to make sure you are keeping in contact with them. This way they remember who you are when you start launching a new product or start pushing your current product. There are many email platforms that allow you to create these sequences, however, our recommendation is Mailchimp. They have a paid and free version based on your needs at the moment!

Once you have chosen your email provider make sure to set up an automated welcome series for your new email subscribers. The email should be at least 5 emails spread across a few weeks! Mailchimp has a step-by-step guide on how to create the actually automated email sequences to make it super easy for you! You can also go to Fiverr to find someone to set it up or even write your emails relatively inexpensively.



Having a lead-generating website is very important in today’s competitive digital world. If you want your business to thrive and flourish, you need to have a lead-generating website. Consider the techniques mentioned above to create a lead-generating website with amazing automation. If you want to get a lead-generating website with tremendous automation, we can help by providing one to you. Get your utterly customized lead-generating website and start expanding your business twice as fast. It is a known fact that warm leads are less expensive to convert into customers, so start collecting your emails and warm up those leads!

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