6 Website Changes That Improve Customer Experience On Your Website

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A website is a powerful tool for digital marketing nowadays. However, digital trends are switching rapidly, which makes your website outdated. Refining UX web design is a better option. You don’t need to spend a considerable investment of time and money updating it. Try to tackle small and meaningful tasks constantly for a better customer experience on the website.

A good website marks the desired information without demanding too much. Websites that are simple and give a clear-cut message increase their usability and better user experience. You should be well aware of customer experience strategies and tips to boost your website. Just because something is pretty, does not mean it should be on the website! Everything on the site should have a purpose! Following are the tips and tricks that will optimize the user journey on your website.


Website Design


The homepage is the course meal of any website, which should be simple but effective. UX-friendly websites should be visible to the consumers. A good UX web design is directly proportional to the overall functioning and utilization of site experience. The website needs to have relevant content other than good looks.

The foremost and essential information is placed at the top of the page. Each section holds headings and subheadings. We will recommend you highlight and bold the main headings so that they catch visitor’s attention. White space makes the website fresh and makes the information way more focused. Overall it makes an excellent UX design. At the same time, too much white space makes the website dull and boring and can load slowly. There should be a balanced contrast of positive and negative space.

Typography And Colors


Typography is the art of arranging fonts in such a way that they make cleartext. It incorporates the construction, appearance, and font style of letterings. User-friendly sites have overall a proper theme. The elements such as font choices, spacing, heading size, design elements, illustrations, photo and video options, button style placed in a synchronized manner. The font style is simple enough that no customer finds difficulty while reading.

However, colors make a huge difference in the site experience. Use the colors from color psychology. Each color has different messages. Look at the layout of the website and add colors accordingly. Don’t ever put rainbow colors (place the rainbow colors in images, not your font colors); try to use the least number of colors. The website’s logo gives a direct impact of the website on the customers. It should be minimal and have the least elements. The color wheel has three categories of colors, i.e., primary, secondary, and tertiary colors: 2-4 colors are enough to use on the website.


customer experience on website


Speed Of The Website


The speed of the website has a solid link to the user journey on the website. Think with the consumer in mind. One of the most frustrating things is if the page takes too long to load. The world is running speedily, and no one has enough time. Visitors expect fast browsing on the website. The speed of the website is the main component of search ranking optimization.  In digital marketing, consumer’s expectations are high. The website loading time is directly proportional to the customer’s experience and the sales generating from it.

Videos and photo file sizes may lead to slow website speed, so you’ll want to make sure you use the smallest file size available without losing too much quality.  You can also clear your website cache with cache plugins. Minimize redirects throughout your website. You may check your website browsing by different tools such as GTMetrix reports here. It helps you to explore the website’s performance and improve page optimization. Make sure to have a consistent checkup of speed for a better user journey on the website. You can also hire someone on Fiverr and they can optimize the website for you inexpensively.


customer experience on website


Update The Website Regularly


It is essential to update your website for a better user journey regularly. For digital marketing, the critical task is to upgrade daily according to the company’s performance. Put up the new products and make sure to take down the ones that are out of stock. If your business comes up with regular updates, make sure you are reflecting them on the website, and the consumers are well aware of any changes.

Mention the products’ quantity that gets stocked daily. Enlist new offers and sales on the website. The regular customization of the content will get a good customer experience on the website. It will automatically generate a quality site experience. Add new blog posts with a regular frequency, so your readers can get excited about new content. Complete some A/B testing on your home page and see how your conversions increase or decrease based on the design changes!


customer experience on website


Customer’s Reviews


As everything is getting digitalized day by day and e-commerce is becoming more prevalent. Usually, site visitors look down on the customer’s reviews for online shopping or whatever reason they come for. It would be best if you mention customer feedback on the website. It will help a lot to regular consumers or those who visit the first time.

Try to collect all the reviews that the audience recorded and show all the reviews on the page. Nowadays, visitors do their research of reviews on the website. Make sure you are giving more information, services, and products of the company. These strategies work well for better usability and user experience. The customer reviews or testimonials should be on the homepage at a minimum!


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Multiple Payment Choices


Paypal found out that 24% back out from selling and buying because of limited payment resources. When there is a lot of traffic on your website, you must put various payment options on the website. Good UX websites should have multiple payment options, i.e., mobile payments, PayPal, ApplePay, debits and credits cards, third-party payments. These payment methods cover almost all the people’s demands so you will have a good customer experience.


Conclusion of Customer Experience on The Website


In this day and age, a website is the core anchor for digital marketing purposes. The better the customer experience, the more customers will come back. Retouching the website strengthens the site experience. UX web design grabs the visitor’s attention in less time. It is the best option to redesign the site instead of making a new one.

While doing touch-ups, always come with the solutions to the consumer’s problems. The outline of the site makes guests want to visit again. The content should be straightforward so that the user tape around for the main course. We hope that these tips help you to improve customer experience on the website, which leads to a successful business. If your looking for ways to increase your Google search rankings, take a look at this article here! 

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