Should You Display Prices On Your Website?

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The dispute on whether or not you should display prices on your website garners some strong opinions. Some consider it is downright ridiculous to show your prices. They think that if you say the price before you’ve had the opportunity to prove the value of what you’re offering, numerous people will look at the price, get sticker shock, and won’t come back.

Or, they’ll check your price, then look for someone else whose price is lower. Then choose the lower-priced option because you haven’t had the opportunity to demonstrate why you are priced higher than your competitors. Many businesses need to demonstrate their value before they quote a price or risk scaring potential buyers away. However, you can do this simply with the copy or content on your website and provide the price at the bottom of your sales/marketing funnel.

But there are two elements we can understand about this kind of business:

  • Their online presence doesn’t show their value, which necessitates in-real-life communication to prove their worth.
  • They are waiting for any client—including those who are price shopping.

They are right in both cases; it’s probably not a good idea for these people to put prices on your website. However, suppose you have a distinct and compelling brand with authority-building content to make a case for hiring you. In that case, we firmly believe that putting your prices on your site is one of the magical keys to a successful small business. Here’s why prices on your website are a game-changer:

Prices on My Website

Help Save Time

Pricing clarity immediately provides more confidence to you as a business owner and your potential customer. Once you have selected the pricing model you know will work for you, asking for that price point is no longer scary. If you want a good, profitable business, you must make a decent margin on the work you do. That will never be in line with a customer whose only concern is the price point. We don’t advise that any small business waste their time trying to woo someone who will never spend the money. We all want customers who are aligned with the services and prices we offer and having the pricing on your website weeds out the people who aren’t ready just yet to take the leap with you.


Prices on My Website

Establish Brand Integrity

Integrity and transparency are some of the most significant values brands can have. Being upfront about your pricing and not changing it based on what you think the client can afford is a great way to establish your brand integrity. You should establish your pricing based on what you believe your services are worth and what you want for them. Regardless if that price is perceived as expensive or inexpensive for a given prospect. You have complete control of your pricing within your industry and know what you are worth and what you should charge.


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Help Avoid Budget Questions

Several service providers ask the client what their budget is to understand if they are a potential fit. The goal is to show the potential customer all the value they will receive by working with you. Most customers have a max budget of what they can spend on a particular service or product. So no matter how much you sell or provide value if you are out of the potential customers’ budget you are out of range. Placing the pricing on your website will not change that fact, but it will certainly save you the time of having to do a discovery call to find out they can’t afford you.

Help Focus On Right Things

Another reason some people don’t like displaying their prices because they think their pricing is their intellectual property. And because of that other people can steal their pricing model. This, again, appears like a focus on the wrong aspect of the business. If your price is the most important thing about your business, you should look into other unique options for your business. Preferably, focus on the value you are providing and what you have to offer. Focus on delivering your services at an extraordinary level.

As long as you are offering something unique to you it won’t matter what price point your competition is at. That’s where all your strength should be if you want to move the needle forward.


Prices on My Website

Openly Demonstrate Your Success

Businesses raise their prices often, and it has set a precedent for their followers and clients. Whatever price they charge now is likely to go up within the next 6 months. They will get better at their process. Then increase the value of what they deliver and demand for their services goes up. The only way you can have all these advantages from showing your pricing is if you have a well-defined, compelling brand that sings your unique value. All the content that promotes your services and your brand demonstrates your value before the prospect sees the pricing. Even if it’s only after a few minutes.

Or, on the flip side, if the client sees the prices on your website first—and it’s higher than expected—they will still look at your brand and content to see if it’s worth that price. Back your prices up with substantial value. The potential customer will practically have already sold themselves on hiring you when the right people get connected with you. Looking for more ways to increase conversions? Check out this article!

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