Complete Best Web Hosting Platforms Comparison

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Web hosting is a service that allows you to make your website attainable on the world wide web. Web hosting is an essential part of one’s website. It can improve the website’s security as well as its performance. Below we have reviewed the best web hosting platforms!

In short words, It’s very important for your website. There are several web hosting providers on the internet who can provide web hosting but everyone wants a solid hosting for his/her website.

What are the qualities of great web hosting:

Here are some of the qualities of perfect web hosting. You should consider all these qualities of the service while purchasing it.

  1. Speed:
    The Internet is the game of seconds. All you need is speed on your website. If your website takes a few seconds longer then be ready that your visitor will not come to your site again. You should definitely choose a hosting that can provide you the turbo loading speed.
  2. Ultimate and latest technology:
    Your hosting provider must use up-to-date features and technology so that your website can run fast. These features might include large storage space or an up-to-date security system that will guarantee your website’s security.
  3. Price:
    We all know that price is a major factor that we always look at while purchasing anything. You should also consider this thing when purchasing hosting for yourself. A typical web hosting for small businesses can cost you around $3-$7.

Best hosting platforms:

Here are some best web hosting platforms which we would recommend you to definitely try. Although all of these web hosting platforms are great they are in order from excellent to just okay.

best web hosting
  1. BlueHost:
    BlueHost is one of the most reliable and well-grounded web hosting providers. This hosting provider proves to be an excellent web hosting service for small businesses to large companies. Blue host is recommended by WordPress so it is a credible source for web hosting. BlueHost provides you four packages.

Here are the packages that BlueHost offers:

  • Basic $2.95/Month
  • Plus $5.45/Month
  • Choice Plus $5.45/Month
  • Pro $13.95/Month

From the packages listed above, we suggest you choose the Choice Plus package because it provides you unlimited SSD storage, domain privacy, and site backup.

BlueHost provides you excellent services in the market at affordable prices. This is the reason we recommend Bluehost to all people who want to make any kind of website.
Web hosting services of BlueHost for WordPress can be accessed from the following link.

  1. DreamHost:

Another platform that we would recommend is DreamHost. It is a tried and trusted source from where you can get premium hosting for your business.

Like BlueHost, Dreamhost does not provide four packages. There are only three packages that DreamHost provides for web hosting and that’s the reason why it’s in second place.

Although the standard of both hosting sources is great because of fewer packages, we would place it after BlueHost. Another reason why DreamHost is less suggested than the Bluehost is that DreamHost is a bit expensive as compared to BlueHost.

You can see the packages of DreamHost below:

  • Shared (Starter) $3.95/Month
  • Dream Press $16.95/Month
  • VPS $13.75/Month

While the service provided by DreamHost may not be budget-friendly but the features provided are awesome. In its exclusive package, you are offered 100k visitors per month which is a great thing. But again the price is the problem.

DreamHost also offers to host plans for WordPress.

Here you can compare the WordPress hosting plans by DreamHost:

  • WordPress Basic $2.59/Month
  • DreamPress $16.95/Month
  • VPS for WordPress $27.50/Month

WordPress plans for Dreamhost can be accessed from below:

You should only go with DreamHost if you can afford to pay that much for a single month. In my opinion, no doubt the services are extraordinary and astonishing but the cost of the plan is way too much. I can suggest that if you run a large company or business then you can consider DreamHost as an option.

web hosting comparison
  1. Hostinger:

The only reason why Hostinger is on the list is that the service is really affordable. Almost everyone can afford Hostinger. Not only the service is available at a reasonable price but also you get enough worth in exchange for your money.

This hosting service is highly preferred to absolute beginners who are looking for something that is cost-effective. Even though you don’t get more features and functions by Hostinger but if you are a beginner then you should consider Hostinger and when you feel that you need advanced features then you can shift your website to another hosting.

These are the plans provided by Hostinger:

  • Single shared hosting $0.99/Month
  • Premium shared hosting $2.89/Month
  • Business shared hosting $3.99/Month
best web hosting for wordpress
  1. HostGator:

HostGator provides distinctive and ultimate features when it comes to hosting for the website. A unique feature from HostGator includes unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate, and free domain. Also, these features are included in the hatchling plan (Starter plan).

The advanced characteristics of the business plan are unbelievable. The business plan also provides you with free SEO tools to optimize your website according to the search engine. When it comes to the price, it’s not very expensive. It provides cheap plans which a small business can easily afford.

Packages from HostGator are:

  • Hatchling Plan $2.75/Month
  • Baby Plan $3.95/Month
  • Business Plan $5.95/Month

You should choose the package or plan according to your requirement but I would suggest that if you are just starting out then you should choose the baby plan because it includes unlimited domains which you would need.HostGator also provides WordPress hosting.

The detail about the WordPress hosting is given below:

  • Starter Plan $5.95/Month
  • Standard Plan $7.95/Month
  • Business Plan $9.95/Month
best web hosting for small business
  1. A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting provides features that any of the other sites don’t, that’s why we are listing A2 Hosting. Its basic package includes 10GB storage (note that the storage is not SSD), a free SSL certificate, a money-back guarantee, turbo speed, and automated back-ups. A2 hosting includes a user-friendly control panel that helps customers make changes in the settings easily.

Here are the packages from A2 Hosting:

  • Shared Hosting $2.99/Month
  • Reseller Hosting $13.19/Month
  • VPS Hosting $5/Month
  • Dedicated Server $99.59/Month

A2 Hosting provides four plans for WordPress hosting and these plans are very cost-friendly as compared to the previous plans. Also, these plans include some discounts and concessions. On the start-up package, you can get a discount of 66% which is awesome. A2 Hosting provides great WordPress Hosting and as it is mentioned before that the control panel is also very beginner-friendly so you should consider A2 Hosting when buying WordPress hosting.
These are the WordPress hosting packages from A2 Hosting:

  • Startup $2.99/Month
  • Drive $4.99/Month
  • Turbo Boost $9.99/Month
  • Turbo Max $14.99/Month

Why Bluehost?

When it comes to the best web hosting platforms Bluehost takes the cake. Although the speed provided by BlueHost is a bit less as compared to DreamHost, BlueHost is a better service because:

  1. Lifetime free domain name in the basic package
  2. 24 hours of customer support
  3. You can host up to 100 WordPress websites with Bluehost
  4. Beginner-friendly
  5. Reasonable price

Once you have set up your account with your chosen hosting provider come back here and get your stunning Done-For-You WordPress Website and take the stress out of the whole website process!

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