Overview of Plugins For WordPress

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According to a technology survey firm, W3Techs, about 28.9% of websites are powered by WordPress. This proves the popularity and authenticity of WordPress. Also, WordPress is an extremely easy-to-use platform which makes it the best option available. On top of that, it is free and there are over 50,000 plugins for WordPress that allow you to customize your site into anything you could imagine.

Here we will discuss the types of website you can build using WordPress plugins. While talking about plugins, there is a huge collection of awesome plugins. WordPress offers up to 50,000 free plugins you can use.

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What Are Plugins?

Plugins are pieces of software that alter the functioning of existing features available in a website builder. WordPress provides numerous amount of install-able plugins that could improve the security, appearance, functionality, loading time, and provides great user experience with polished work flow.

Plugins are very beginner-friendly because they don’t require you to know about coding. One could make changes to their website according to their taste. This will also save a lot of time.

To give you an overview of how plugins work, there is a plugin called Jetpack which allows you to design your website according to your preference.

Here are some examples of the websites you could create using WordPress plugins:

  1. Blog or Personal Website
  2. Business Website
  3. E-commerce
  4. Membership Website
  5. Booking Website
  6. Blog or Personal Website:

Blogging is one of the most popular online businesses. Its popularity has increased within the past few years. WordPress offers loads of plugins to create blogging sites.

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Plugins For Bloggers

Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO is among one of the finest plugins for bloggers. It is frequently updated according to the Google SEO algorithms. It provides Keyword optimization, Readability Check, Content insights. This provides the most useful features a blogger could ever wish for.


Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for bloggers. It provides highly customizable tools, SEO tools, and the ease to manage all your websites from the comfort of your dashboard.

Everest Forum:

Everest Forum is used to create forums rather than creating a blog. Using the Everest forum you can write a blog and also manage the questions asked by your audience in one place. Most features of Everest Forum are personalizable. It also protects the website from spam using Google ReCaptcha.


Akismet provides an anti-spam environment for your blog. Which promises a fast and efficient performance. It offers easy to use backup process. The scams could also be easily tracked down to their origin.

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WordPress Plugins For Business Website

Another type of website you can make using WordPress is a business website. You can use a variety of plugins to develop a business website. Here are some of the best plugins you could use when building a business site for your business:


Wpforms allows you to easily contact with your audience. The easy to create contact forms, payment forms, polls, surveys, increase your visitor’s experience. This would allow you to increase your website’s traffic.


Over two million websites use MonsterInsights and it is rated as the best Google analytic plugin for WordPress. It has both paid and free plans. It would allow you to track your user engagement and optimize your website more effectively.


One of the most popular optimizing software is OptinMonster. It offers a great deal of customizability. It helps you to grab email subscribers. The visitors who are abandoning your website could be turned into email subscribers using this WordPress plugin.

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Plugins For E-commerce:

E-commerce websites can also be made using WordPress plugins. Several plugins can help you to create your online store without any prior expertise. The simplicity of WordPress plugins allows beginners to create online stores without pouring much effort. The following are some famous plugins used to make e-commerce stores.


Once woocommerce plugin is installed you don’t need to put much effort, it will automatically place elements that are useful for an e-commerce store. It also allows you to manage your online store conveniently by calculating the shipping and tracking analytics.


Bigcommerce sets your website quickly. Its mobile-friendly features and product syndication could immensely increase your website traffic and audience retention rates. It could make an increment in your web page’s SEO ranking.

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD):

Easy digital download is mainly used for selling digital downloads because of its traits which are distinctive to digital data e.g eBooks, movies, and music. The primary features are mainly free of cost. It also has an active online community and a user-friendly environment.


Ecwid is mostly known for its integration with most of the website builders such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace e.t.c. It is also a very secure service for making transactions.

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WordPress Plugins For Membership Website:

Membership websites provide the advantage of only engaging the audience that is seriously interested in your content because they allow access to only those people who had signed up to your website. This allows your audience to be content-specific and could also provide an awesome user experience. Following are some WordPress membership plugins you can use to build a website;

Restrict Content Pro:

It is popular because of its easy setup and feature rich capabilities. They have built-in payment intergrations, reports, discount codes, and more. The content restriction feature allows you to restrict irrelevant content. It supports both PayPal and Stripe payment gateways which are also one of its plus points.


It is also among one of the most trusted WordPress membership plugins. If you are aiming to sell online courses then this could be the best option for you. It provides complete control over your disciples. It also has an easy payment structure.

aMember Pro:

The most convincing feature of this plugin is the multilevel membership system which allows you to create as much membership level you want. It also provides easy access over the members that had signed up.

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WordPress Plugins For Booking Website:

If your business relies on scheduled appointments or organized business companies (getting an appointment with a dentist or booking a room in a hotel) then a booking website is what you need. This could allow your business to be more organized and personalized. The following are some WordPress booking plugins.


Bookly offers both free and paid plans. It is the most modern-looking plugin with entirely customizable features. Flexible payment methods and booking rules are available. The sleek and premium looking design would engage your audience and increase visitor traffic.


Amelia is simple but impactful at the same time because it includes both paid and free versions. It keeps your customers notified and engaged in real-time of their meetings. It also provides stunning graphs and diagrams.

Team Booking:

Team booking provides you with very awesome and astonishing features. It provides you with spectacular, minimal, and abstract GUI. Because of these exclusive features, it starts with a low price tag of $28.

MotoPress Hotel Booking:

MotoPress Hotel Booking is one of the best hotel reservation plugins available on WordPress. It allows online reservations, users could also use their emails to make reservations. It includes a variety of payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Braintree e.t.c. The user interface is also very user friendly due to its inviting, lovely and enchanting visuals.


WordPress could be used to create a variety of websites. WordPress plugins make this much easier by providing us easy to use and work-specific features. There are numerous types of plugins that are specific for blogging, e-commerce, business, booking, membership websites. This list goes own, these plugins allow us to make any type of website without having any specific expertise.

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