Canva Font Pairing Kit


Font pairing kits make it incredibly easy to not only create a simple brand but also to stay on brand. You can easily access your font pairing in seconds while you are designing your marketing assets in Canva. Get my curated font pairing kit to use for your own brand at a fraction of the cost of me creating it for you.


– 9 designer curated font pairings that can be used for your brand in Canva

How It Works

A process so easy your mother could do it. In her sleep.

Step 1: Choose your template
Browse the collection of fresh-picked marketing templates and choose the one that works best for you and your brand.
Step 2: Set it up and customize it
No coding (or meltdowns) necessary, promise. As soon as you get a template you will receive the Canva Template link. You'll get your very own copy to customize as you see fit!
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Step 3: Use Your Template
Once you’ve customized it to your heart’s delight, it’s time to download the asset! Your dream clients will be knocking on your (virtual) door excited to work with you.
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