Is Wix Better Than WordPress?

WordPress is the most famous and most used website builder in the world. However, while it is incredibly famed, it does not have the monopoly of being the only extraordinary website builder. Wix also offers its users a platform to create a fully functional website without having any coding knowledge. In this article, we review …

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Showit VS. WordPress Complete Breakdown

In this article we will review Showit vs. WordPress. Showit and WordPress are both exceptional website creation platforms. Some of the major differences between Showit and WordPress include their website platforms, different functionalities, and the kind of service they offer (Showit is mainly a photography website creation platform while WordPress is suitable for almost any …

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How To Write A Mission Statement

What Is A Mission Statement?   A mission statement is used to explain easily and simply why the business exists today. This is usually done in a sentence or two. Above all, your mission statement should allow someone who has no knowledge of your industry or business to easily understand what your business does. Mission …

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